Curious Dog

Our straying spaniel, Butch, would like to apologise to all our guests for taking himself off on his own to meet you all this week. He knows the rules about dogs being on leads but he found the lure of new friends irresistible. We have reminded him that he would expect all visiting dogs to be on their leads when sniffing about, so he needs to follow the rules too. He’d forgotten that it’s not always just his garden, that he has to share and play nicely.

Apologies if he found his way onto your pitches and nosed about, he is a curious boy and can be very deaf when he chooses. But we do appreciate not everyone likes dogs (which is why we made the rules in the first place).

Please feel free to let your dogs off their leads in the fenced woodland, where they can explore to their hearts content.


Welcome to our new website, where you can choose your place to stay. This is all new for us, having begun our booking system on scraps of paper and juggling and re-juggling pitches to suit our guests. We are now giving you free reign to choose where you would like to pitch up. You can view photographs of our pitches and we have tried to provide relevant information to help you choose your preferred spot. We will gradually be adding more images as the year goes on.

We look forward to sharing Lane End with you. In the last few weeks, the trees, plants and wildlife have sprung into life and everything is looking beautiful. The occasional rain we have had in between the sun has nourished the wildlife here, I am not sure it has ever looked so lush and vibrant.

We are beginning to get busy now and encourage you to book soon to avoid disappointment. We hope you will love it here as much as we and our returning visitors (human, furry and feathered) do.