Privacy Policy

Lane End Camping Privacy Policy
Owners: Richard and Jan Wood
Address: Lane End Camping, Lane End Farm, Putford, Holsworthy, Devon, EX22 7XL

Telephone: 01409 240210
07823 691402


General Data Protection Regulation

Transparency and communication with our site visitors are key elements of the new GDPR
legislation. As part of the new regulation, we must let our site visitors know how we collect,
store, and use their data, in a clear and transparent way. In addition, we must comply with
our site visitors’ requests to receive a copy of their data that is processed on our site.

How we collect data
Our website shows our contact information and has a contact form for visitors to make
contact with us to book camping holidays. We ask for data including name, address,
telephone number, Camping and Caravan Club membership number plus details of their
vehicle type and requirements for their stay at the campsite. Visitors voluntarily provide us
with this information. Most contact is made via email.

How we use data
We use this data to facilitate their stay on our campsite and to secure payment for these

How we store data
We store any data in a secure office that only staff have access to. Any emails are stored
on our Gmail account which is accessed on a secure computer or mobile phone with
internet security and private Wi-Fi.

Third parties
As mentioned, Wix are our website hosts and as such have access to any data you may
input, including using the contact form and Cookies. Please see the links on our website to
access these policies.

As a member of the Camping and Caravan Club, we have a link to their website and vice
versa for the purposes of visitor accessibility only to enable site visitors to access
information about us.

We use a Gmail email account where we store emails from and to our site visitors. We use
a secure internet connection and have active Avast Internet Security on all computers.

Your Rights
You may request a copy of any data we have about you at any time. Please contact us
using the information above and we will be happy to help.

We will do all we can to protect your data but we are human. If there is an unfortunate
breach of data protection, we will inform those parties affected as soon as possible. We
ask anyone in receipt of information not relating to them to inform us immediately and
destroy any documents. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this.

Updated 10-02-2021 by Jan Wood